Video Games and Software

As both an attorney and a gamer, the space where law meets video games and software is where two of David’s deepest passions intersect.

Although David’s clientele has expanded considerably, the video game industry was where his practice began. His clients include established and startup game developers making games for console, PC, and mobile platforms. He has also worked with video game peripheral manufacturers, employees of large publishers, and more. Within the field, his work has included licensing, rights clearance, publishing deals, copyright and trademark work, initial business formation, employment law questions, work for hire contracts, and so on.

Of course, many of the legalities and practices of the video game industry apply equally well to the rest of the software industry. David has worked with non-gaming computer software and smart phone app developers on publishing contracts, App Store and Play agreements, employment and work for hire considerations, and more.

David also has a strong academic and personal interest in the field. He has written popular articles on video game law ranging in topic from first sale to copyright rights control to the potential impacts of new legislation under consideration. He is also a lifelong gamer, a former video game tournament competitor, and a current fighting game tournament commentator.

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Representative Actions on Behalf of Clients
  • Helped a new independent video game developer with initial business formation
  • Drafted and negotiated a publishing agreement for an independent developer
  • Created music and rights of publicity licenses to clear rights for a new game
  • Reviewed software developer employment and work for hire contracts