Internet Law

Some of the most interesting work in law is found in internet and software law. David’s other practice areas, like copyright and contracts, face unusual challenges online that require particular expertise to solve. David has made a very successful career in doing exactly that.

With many of his clients engaged in work that takes place at least partly online, David has often dealt with internet law. He has worked with DMCA take downs and safe harbors, terms of service, and clickwrap contracts. He has also represented clients accused of unauthorized file sharing online. David makes sure to keep up with new developments in internet law and has written in the past about questions of copyright law online.

The pace of legal change in the online arena is among the fastest in any legal field. Being among the first generation of attorneys to have grown up with the internet and having represented many clients online, David is in a unique position to understand and work with clients whose homes are in the tubes.

Representative Actions on Behalf of Clients
  • Advised owners of a popular YouTube channel on DMCA take down practices
  • Created terms of service for a client’s website
  • Analyzed the validity and enforceability of a clickwrap agreement
  • Reviewed software developer employment and work for hire contracts
  • Represented defendants accused of copyright infringement via file sharing