Intellectual Property

A hallmark of David’s law practice is a passion for intellectual property concerns. David closely follows legal scholarship, news, and issues in copyright, trademark, and trade secrets. He has also written popular articles focusing on copyright issues.

Over the years, David’s clients have faced a diverse set of intellectual property challenges. Many require transactional IP work, such as transfers, rights clearances, licensing, and work for hire agreements. Others have needed to register their trademarks or copyrights for state and federal protection. Still others have needed guidance to avoid copyright infringement preemptively by either learning how to stay away from rights controversies or entirely or, in some cases, ensuring that their work falls under the fair use exemption.

David has practiced on the litigation side of IP work as well, having defended clients accused of copyright infringement and worked with others facing cease and desist letters for both copyright and trademark uses.

In his spare time, David also often speaks and writes pop-style legal articles on intellectual property law. His most recent such work was an analysis of the leaked Intellectual Property Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Representative Actions on Behalf of Clients
  • Procured rights of publicity and copyright licenses for use in a video game
  • Filed for federal protection of trademarks and service marks
  • Helped an apparel designer make shirt artwork that would avoid copyright issues
  • Fought against a cease and desist letter sent to a client engaging in fair use
  • Defended a client accused of copyright infringement online