Entertainment Law

David’s entertainment law practice is grounded in his own forays into the industry, especially in written and new online media. As a result of his experience, David has personally faced many of the issues that come up in entertainment first hand.

David has built one of the country’s leading practices in the world of new entertainment and media growing up online. He has represented major YouTube channel owners, some of the oldest and most influential live video streamers in the world, online musical acts, and more. His experience in and knowledge of this new side of the industry is unparalleled.

That said, many of David’s clients have been in more traditional entertainment law areas as well. In the past, he has worked with or dealt with musical acts, television commercials, documentary filmmakers, and screenwriters.

Representative Actions on Behalf of Clients
  • Represented the creators of a major web show in YouTube network negotiations
  • Negotiated a streaming agreement on behalf of a major live online video streamer
  • Filed on behalf of a live streaming client whose provider had declared bankruptcy
  • Reviewed a musical license to place a client’s song on a television commercial
  • Obtained federal trademark protection on behalf of a musical act