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Interview on Live on Three

Wednesday afternoon I was invited to talk with Slasher, DJ Wheat, and SeltzerPlease on Live on Three, one of the biggest live web shows in competitive video gaming. We talked about my piece on the potential regulatory issues that may come from the sportsification of video games and some additional hypothetical scenarios. Unfortunately I misspoke in some of my answers, but that’s live media for you!

After discussing the paper, we move on to talk about Evolution 2013 and talk about fighting games.

Check out the replay below for the whole show. I come on about 54 minutes into the video.

Watch live video from OneMoreGame.TV on TwitchTV


  1. jose ramirez espoinosa
    July 26, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

    One of the main “problems” of competitive gaming as of now is the ownership of the product/game by an individual entity, so this leads to scenarios in which that company may or may not allow for competition to be had; such as Nintendo and EVO 2013 with the Smash tournament (and previously with MLG). This kind of problem does not exist in other areas of competitive performances, such as sports or other games like monopoly or scrabble. So, my question is, Is there a way to legally separate the competitive event/performance off the copyright holder in order to guarantee that events can be made?, By using “sports terminology” can we “force”, on some level, the right to have a competition on one game that is privately own so that the owner company cannot shut down said event?

    Saludos desde México [hi from México]

    [P.S sorry for the bad grammar]

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